Saturday, December 3, 2011

Crew Love

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They hate us when we are together,but they love it when we're apart
I hope while I'm don't give these guys all you don't give them your heart
Since the only thing they have on their mind's is whats the best way to start
At towards the end they will leave you broken with your feelings ripped apart
So you've left me burned with desire,you've left your mark
Trying to save this love ship Noah's Ark

At this time and day,I hope you find your way,
I've been gone for a while,so I know how it feels to be away,
But I will always come back.I promised you this,
This writing is my life...and I either hit or miss...
But truthfully I hope I at least hit somewhere in the middle
Never really understanding the meaning of life,seems to be the most difficult riddle

It's never the same,It's never the same
Seen funeral's filled with love & seen hearts filled with pain
But once your name is tattooed there,you cant erase the name
It's like a never ending movie,with only the sad parts replaying

Sad to know that every ship either sinks or breaks
So before I drown,I give you what it takes
Truth to Lies....Lies to Fakes
Give me anything....I'll take it....I just need to forget about these heart aches

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  1. This song is fucking great what is the name of it?!