Saturday, December 31, 2011

Opposite Of Adults

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Live a life where everyone can win
where there isn't many problems or worries about hell or sin
It's the end of this year,so as we all prepare to welcome the new year
Leave all the negativity behind and only spread good cheer
Open your eyes and begin to see something new
you may discover something new you love...which you never knew

Picture things as a story where we all have happy endings
And people never reject the positive message you always try sending
Where someone can give you something & not expect anything back
Instead of kindness & was only hate for others they seem to lack

No rainy days....or no need for the blues
Time waited for everyone...and every second was filled with good news
People don't judge and no one points fingers
Even the ones don't make it on American Idol,gets a chance to be world wide singers
The visions you have,has a chance to be
And the dreams you have,start to really play out in reality

See what you want to see
Believe in whatever you want to
Love like its out of style
And never say goodbye
Listen to the ones who are never heard
Live life free,fly high like a bird
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