Monday, December 19, 2011

We'll Be Fine

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At the beginning....searching for the end
Always be true to who you reason to pretend
Look at how many things have changed....versus how much stayed the same
The world is filled with people who will either try to polish or stain your name
Notice the ones who are there for you on a daily basis
and erase the ones who send you smiley faces
but behind your back they make up angry faces
Magic is just an illusion....Life is filled with insanity & confusion
The devil tries to play nice...but if you have a strong faith their should be no confusing
Listen to the words that you heart tries to say
but remember to love your self first...Since your all you have...
at the end of the day
(You'll Be Fine)

Before I left,my little brother asked me when will I be back
Couldn't find the words to tell him that I might never be back
Life is about %10 what you do...the rest is just how you react
Always keep the memories...even if you can never keep in contact
(I'll Be Fine)

They can tie our hands...but they can never tie our soul,
We can think about the past but should learn to sometimes let it go...
Seen so many stars.....See many lights
I wonder when the sun is gone for good....would our future still be bright
The end of the year is almost I wish you the very best
Remember to give thanks...and prepare for anything since we don't know what could happen next
But no real worries...I'll believe in you every time
So I guess its safe to say....that
(We'll be fine)
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