Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sorry....The Scientist

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I want to say......sorry.....sorry for leaving
I didn't mean to leave you all alone
I guess some of this is my fault....I did hurt you really bad at one point
now me & misery are well known

Looking back on all these years of people I have gained & lost
I think about Jesus & if any of us would of sacrificed it all & be willing to be nailed on the cross
But I promise I'm only here for you....I've already lost one friend to suicide
I wont let it be two
Now they're tears in my eyes....and its getting harder for me to type
I write for those who ever got picked on or who were told
they were only average or alright
Because I'm still that kid deep down inside
who always has a smile hide the hurt I really feel inside
Some people think your a coward for what you did...but I think your brave
how many other people do you know will take a gun to their head & say goodbye to the world & hello to the grave
So now I feel I let you down,I should of been there to stop you
but sadly enough I was so young I probably wouldn't know what to do....just stand there stupidly & watch you
If life was a game...I would say I already lost
because ever since that day I saw that 'Do Not Cross' yellow tape around your house
I've always been lost
And this was years ago,I shouldn't be crying
I'm in the military now,so I will eventually see other people dying
So much I cant seem to let go of
Too much I seem to know of
only thing that could of saved

Too much I cant seem to let go of
Alot of thing I seem to know of
only thing that can save this

I want to say......sorry.....sorry for leaving
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