Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Look What You've Done

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You did so much for me,now it's time for me to do for you
21 years of raising me & my little brothers,only lord knows all the stuff you've been through
Always were so stubborn,but for your kids you did your best
After working all these years mom,I know its about time you get some rest
Working hard in a world where finding work is hard
All the negative feelings for my father,you kept jarred
But we did it without him,Haven't seen you since August 28th..look how long its been
And I pray that everything goes well with me & the US Air Force
Because I know how proud a mom must be to know their first son made it to the US Air Force
I moved around alot as a kid,but you believed in me no matter what I did
So I've been receiving alot over the years,now its my turn to give
I love you & my little brothers...you all mean the world to me
I don't always show my emotions...but this right here is me expressing how much you mean to me
Just to let you know that everything you did,hasn't been forgotten
I hope that gift I sent you on Christmas made up for all the other presents I've forgotten
It isn't mothers day,but I wanted to write you time poem anyway
Life is short,but the struggle last long
And you are a wonderful mom to us,don't let anybody else ever tell you wrong
I know you love watching basketball,and you see those players give their parents nice houses & cars
If its destined to be...I'll do my best mom to make sure that one days,that's ours
Always keep your head up mom....every thing will be ok
Just keep being strong & continue to pray
I love you mom...sorry we couldn't be together for my last holiday....
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