Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Nights

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On this day I hope you get everything you wanted,All of want you prayed for.Everything you ever dreamed of, Even more than what you prayed for...
May your family be in good spirits,and your hearts full of cheer
Look at how far you've you made it...since the beginning of this year
Tell your loved ones how you feel...and hold them close
Love is the drug of today is the time it's safe to overdose
The best gift you can give a gift you can't buy
Objects may be lost or replaced...but special memories will never die
Spread happiness in the places you know it needs to be spread
Alot of us get lost during these times....while many of us are just needing a helping hand to be lead
The truth is...we should treat each other like this everyday
We shouldn't have to pause these joyful times..we should just let them play
Play through the year,Run throughout the months
Flow between our hearts,Continue to cherish every second since we only live once
The Christmas lights,The chilly nights
The way we feel inside,when it all seems right
Christmas is not a's more like a  feeling
So I wish you & you loved ones...a wonderful evening
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