Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Knowing

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You shouldn't have to pick between love & happiness...
They should come together as one...
Seen so many hearts left broken on the floor...
My only want is to fix each & every one...
But how could I....if mine is not even whole....
I'd rather see yours full...then have both of us live forever with this hole

I could sit here all day & repeatably tell you how beautiful you are
but whats the point of a star being a star,if they don't believe they are
I've seen too many tears on your face,I've heard to many cries
Truth is...sometimes we want something so bad...that we will simply believe all the lies
Should we tie the knot?Or just simply break all ties???

I don't hate you....I just hate the facts
Think about what you called me & told did you expect me to react?
I guess this is the end right here....because rumor has it I will be in the UK this time next year

Only so much I can do.....Only so much they can put you through
Then enough's enough...seems that pain is over due
They want your heart....They want you soul
No not really...They just want your body & all they can get
But don't worry about the past,no point of living life with regret
Easy to forgive,but impossible to forget
Living life on the edge....So any step I take is a threat

I'm here on a Air Force base,but I'm still here writing to you
I guess a a little of what they say is true
Home is where the heart it will only make sense why I would want to build a home with you...

The sky,your cry,without air, we die....
The night,your bright,without your love, I die...

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