Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Someone’s Light/Bottled Up by Silvia Saldana

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Doubts are like ships, sinking into the bottomless sea.
Once you go with them, there's no end. So why bother?
Rejoice life, appreciate life.
Learn to value those who are always by your side.
Rather than becoming a sinking ship, become someone’s light and make their life worthwhile.
Show them your appreciation with little signs of affection.
If it’s your girlfriend or boyfriend, show them how much you love them, when they notice it will make their heart warm and their sentiments towards you will grow with strength and passion.
Become their reason to live, their reason to breath.
Become the light that shows them the path to a loving wonderful life
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Bottled Up

I need a punching bag, all this madness is making me gag.
Could it be some kind of mental illness, or is it that I just worry too much about anything worthless.
Trying to forget isn't as easy as trying to forgive.
Been too nice, been to considerate. Now I just want to blow up a mine and see everything fall, disintegrate.
Feeling like a genie in a bottle, trapped with no escape.
Could someone find this bottle and let me out?
Trapped in my own mind trying to figure out my life,
Wishing it would be easy to be who you are
But that’s just a lie.
There’s nothing else but to hope that you’ll make it alive,
I doubt you would mind if I gave up my life.
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      “It is not the magnitude of our actions but the amount of love that is put into them that matters."-Mother Teresa

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  1. WOW really this is GOOD i like it you should know who this is :)