Sunday, August 10, 2014

If Only I Knew..

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Treat her like she's the only star you'll ever get to touch..
Give her all your time when she asks for should never be rushed..
Show her how much she means to you..even if you said it a couple days before..
Prove to her that your word is bond, and that your love is pure..
Don't just do the minimum for her birthdays or Valentines day..always do more..
Because 9/10 times, she's been hurt before you..and all your devotion can be the hidden cure..
Help her see that she's not only beautiful inside but also on the out..
Let her lower lips feel your passion,whenever you're kissing them with your mouth..
Talk to her,even when you don't have anything important to say..
Listen to her,and tell her she made your day..
Know when something is bothering her, and don't listen to when she says "I'm okay"
Hold her all through the night,until the sun rises up and the moon goes away..
Be loyal to her,and she will be loyal too..
You'll only find one love like won't get two..
And losing her forever..might be the stupidest thing you do..
So learn from my mistake,you don't want to be sitting there thinking..
If only I knew…
If only I knew
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Saturday, August 2, 2014

For Her..

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And when I find her..she will always feel loved.
Some may say I over do it..but I don’t want to half-ass love.

I want her to feel the strongest love ever.

For her to know that it’s possible for someone to love all her flaws which to me are perfections.
For her to never have to wonder if it’s real or not.
For her to never have to feel alone in this world.

Because none of us should ever have to feel alone..that’s one of the worst feelings out there.
So I do what I can,and love the only way I know how to.
And that’s with my everything..for her..she can have anything..

She wouldn't have to worry about girls,since none could ever compare to her..
She wouldn't have to worry about being left behind or left out..
since I'd always want to be near to her..

Because she will be the missing piece..that makes my world whole
Knowing I did my best to see her smile every chance I get, will be my ultimate goal

And when I find her..I will cherish her..even if we ever have to let go..To love & be loved..are the most important thing any of us could know..

So I write this for you..with hopes one day you may read it..
But by that'll know these weren't just words from a poet..they were thoughts of
a hopeless romantic, and I couldn't die until everything above was completed.
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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Waiting For You..

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Will you ever see, that I'm waiting for you..
The wind whispers your name,and the clouds spell it out too..

Yesterday has come & gone..
Why have I waited for you so long..

I stare at my window,I gaze at my clock..
All I see is old couples holding hands,I desire a love like that,
One that will never stop..

I see your face everywhere I go,no matter where I look..
It seems that along with my heart,my sanity is also something you took..

So when will you see,that I'm waiting for you..
They say love is blind,but even then, all I'll ever see is you..
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Monday, July 14, 2014

Clear View..

Clear View...
I don't think you'll ever realise…what great beauty I see in you..
Yeah, the others might see it by your flawless appearance,but I admire you from the inside too,
Even if I had a chance..I wouldn't change a thing
You make me wish I was an artist like Banksy or preferably have a voice like The Weeknd so I can sing…
But I don't possess those wonderful all i can do is write to you..
Yeah everyone can see just how amazing you are…I just hope one day you'll see it too.

I hope one day you can see it too.

Sunday, July 13, 2014


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I'll listen to you when no one else cares..
Fill you with courage,while they do their best to just demolish your dreams with fears
I’ll be a shoulder you can cry on..I’ll even help wipe all your tears
Because I’m experienced enough to know how much life can damage you in such a small amount of years
I've been around those demons that they call our peers
When you're crying for help,and the bullies are the only ones who hear
It crazy to know how long we take to develop,but just like paper we tear
But in the midst of all agony …you’ll be that needed flare
To go higher than you've ever been before,to show that even through all’ll still glare
I promise to never leave your side..I’ll always be there..
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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Thoughts From A Lover..

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As I lay in bed..all I can think about is you 
I want you next to me..
I want to see your pretty smile..
I want to see your hair bounce the way it does..
I want to hear you giggle the way you do..
I want to feel you close to me..with your heartbeat against mine..
I want to look into your eyes like never before..
I want to caress every part of you 
I want to taste you on my lips..
I want to smell you on my skin..
I want to see you happier than anyone else..
I want you to be able to do anything you’d like to do..
Yes, I want all of this….
But most of all…I just want you.
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Sunday, June 22, 2014


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Looking at the most beautiful image I've ever seen
But you're so far away from I have no choice but to look at my computer screen
A picture of you on my background
It speaks to me so fluently,without ever making a sound
I guess somethings we can't explain
Our love will get stronger,if it doesn't stay the same
About 12 hours away by aeroplane
We're still on the same level though,and that will always remain
They say the best things in life are worth waiting for..
I'll be waiting even after our after life and more

With you..I can see the brightest star..
With you..It isn't about shoes & cars..
With you..I can heal my deepest scar..
With you..There is no question..I know exactly what we are

In this hotel room,half way across the world
Without a doubt,for you I would give up half of the world
A matter a fact,I'll give up the whole thing

The time is ticking,I didn't see it running out
Now everyone is panicking,they feel so lost without
Who they are,and what they were promised they would be
They always promised us freedom,but even with no strings attached,we were never free
It wasn't suppose to end this was suppose to be you and me
But you didn't wait...what a catastrophe
So I disappear,no facebook,no blogspot,no one can hear from me
You didn't keep your word,you didn't it's only me

I wake up to find it was only a bad dream
From cold sweats & clammy palms,it was realer than it seemed
It's easier not to fall in love,at least that way you won't get hurt
But what I'm I is what makes it all worth
12:52 am,I should really get some sleep
Don't tell anyone about this..promise this is a secret you will always keep
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


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So now your some where you don't want to be..
You feel unappreciated by the lack of love you receive..could it be
That maybe it's only you...maybe you're all alone
Maybe you get all the newest gadgets & clothes .but you still feel no love at home
You just want to go outside to feel alive
But nobody wants to play anymore...everyone is more fussed with what kinda of car you drive
And you just want to hide...
Hide like everyone else does..behind their big ego's and pride..
And show off all their nice things..shine for their Instagram followers and flash all their diamond rings
But truth be told..those things are really worthless
There's nothing in this world you can buy to make the pain hurt-less
Maybe it'll fade for a moment or two
But until you accept it and move on...the darkness of that shadow will always follow you
So walk in the light...believe in yourself and stand tall no matter at what height
You have to be at peace with yourself and know that you can make things alright
I've seen the darkest days...and felt the coldest nights
But no matter how bad you feel like giving up..promise me you will always fight
Your dreams might feel light years away..but so are the stars..and they're still in sight

Something about you..something I will never forget
Even if the karma is never returned..I will never regret
So I hold you high..and I hold you close
Hold you close to my you all the love I can possible give..hoping you don't overdose..

So now you're somewhere you want to be..
Some one's finally discovered your true worth..and realised loving you,is better than any alternative destiny
So it's not only were never alone
You no longer need any gadgets..because love is the greatest thing you can own
You two sit outside...stare at the world passing you by..feeling so alive
You take a bike ride to the park instead of going for a drive
Now you don't have anything to hide
The Instagram followers are gone..and so are the diamond rings
There was one thing you could buy to make the pain hurt-less
Buying the idea that to finally be happy..first you must remove anything that's toxic to you..basically anything that helps less
And in this one moment or two..
You're happy you choose to runaway..from the people holding you back..only to run into a better you..
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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Days of Days..

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I saw something in the shadows..
It kinda looked like the old me..
I gazed a little deeper,saw a reflection of the past..
Interested in all the little lessons I (from the past) might show me
You see, what we perceive about ourselves isn't always true
We aren't overweight or too skinny,
We often treat our bodies brand new
It might sound corny,
But most of us are perfect just the way we are
Even with every bump,scratch or scar
I've seen days filled with hate
And not enough love
Days where everyone needed a true friend to make them smile
Or simply just give them a real hug
When we spend time with each other
We really need to take it in
Be around the ones..who never judge you
And let you express those feelings and emotions you always feel like you have to hide within
There's not enough days to be a copy
So be who you're meant to be
Don't be like everyone else trying to be same..go be somebody else..

I hear you talking..but really what are you trying to say..
I received a call from my Aunt,saying today her dad passed away
I tried to continue talking,but I didn't really didn't know what to say..
You can have the tightest hold on things..but some still things will manage to slip away..
Now she's flying to JA,if only I could be there for her..and let her know everything will be okay
That call made me think about my dad,
He's been trying to reconnect with me lately,but I'm so content with how things are..does that
make me bad?
I hope not,wishing all the bad parts of me would wash away
We've all had those days,where we've felt totally alone & all the ones who truly cared
have been washed away
But they're still here & so are you
The best days of your life haven't happened yet..
Yes, how that last line above is so true..
And in the end they never really mattered who was always right and who was wrong..all it came down to..was who truly tried doing the right things..and who would help,try undo all the wrongs..
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Friday, April 25, 2014


So today was your last day…Around 3pm will be on a plane to Korea flying away
You're probably  the most amazing person I met here so there are some things I wanted to take the time out & say..
To take it back a little,we met in FTAC about two years ago…
Now we're saying goodbye,you never see the good times coming…you just get to see them go
But I want you to always know..
That things might be difficult at first..but sometimes you just have to go with the flow..

If I had to place a bet on someone in the Airforce it would be you..
We shared a lot of personal things,yes this is true
If you were ever hurt or needed help…there isn't a thing I wouldn't do to help you
We're are basically like family,bonded by love until our existence is past due

I know you'll be okay wherever you land..
And no matter how hard life tries to hold you down,just do your best to stand..
To stand high & to stand tall..
I'll always be here if you need somebody to call
From getting BTZ to being someone most people can adore so easily
I hope the words I'm writing to you now,will show how much you mean to me

I know your kinda nervous..I would be nervous too
But look at the positives of going somewhere new
Something to note is, the best times of your life hasn't happen yet
Live every moment to pleasure,don't believe in regret
Life is always about that next big step
You've grown so much,into a smarter & more beautiful women that I could ever expect
We are so proud of you Sarah McDermott,you will always hold a special place in our hearts
I'm not even sure how many miles exactly we will be apart
Just always remember…that stars shine the brightest in the dark
So shine throughout the darkness…and shine through the light..
I know where ever destiny places'll always be alright..
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Days In The East..

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Chase your dreams…don't let them chase you
Don't take it the wrong way..I'm just trying to inspire you
Before the military I wasn't sure what I was going to do..
To be honest there are times when I still don't know what I want to do..
But I know I want to be that person that all my loved ones can run to

Are you listening to your heart?Or just what others have to say?
This is the only game where no one gets to win,or no one gets to stay
So say all the things you need to say..
Do all the things you dream to do
Make being a happy person something that happens all the time..and not just when you get something new

We're too materialistic, some have everything by having nothing
Don't listen to what they used to say in high will be something
To keep it real..I never dreamed of ever visiting London or Spain
When the hand your dealt sucks…something you just have to keep playing

Long days but short nights..
I hope you eventually find euphoria and your internal compass leads you right..
Thinking about the list of people I'm going to have to say good bye to
You know the ones who always kept it real from day one,who I never had to lie to
The only reason to look back,is to see how far you came
There will always be people who try and hold you back,but those are the ones whose position in life will always stay the same
So dream big…imagine one day you'll be flying to your dream location by plane

New memories,new friends & perfect times
These are the moments I'm happy I signed my name on the dotted line
When you already have the best people..what else is there to go out & find
I hope your happy
I hope your okay
I just want to say thank you..
You were the only one who was there for me in each & every way

We never really lose someone when they pass away..
All we lose are the chances to say all the heartfelt things we never took the timeout to say
So say what you need to say & send them some flowers while they can still smell them
Speak from the heart & deeply express everything you desire to tell them
('It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men'
-Frederick Douglass)
But I've been demolished before..
All it took was someone who sincerely cared
Not being able to hold onto happiness was something I always feared
But after gaining some wisdom..I know happiness can only last if it's shared

"All the happiness in the world stems from wanting others to be happy,
and all the suffering in the world stems from wanting the self to be happy."

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


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Someone gave you all my love..all the love I was giving to you
You were scared of what was you just accepted the love that you knew wasn't true
Most of those guys didn't even take the time to get to know you
But I guess half of the blame falls on the fact don't really know you?

Now your in a place where I can't even help
I don't even know what was real..or what you really felt
But when you treat someone so cold,eventually it will be your turn to melt

So I'm floating..I'm floating away
They say the safest place is your that's where I plan to stay

I don't ever want to see you hurt again..but it's hard to know what's real
In a life where all everyone does is pretend

You and me are part of a plan…
One which I don't think anyone around us..really understands

Now I just feel numb,all these girls want something different from me
Trapped in a cycle of lust and fun

All these things in front of me
They slowly pick me apart from the person I want to be
I'm tuning into one of those guys
I never wanted to feel comfortable with telling lies
But no one wants to hear the truth either
Truthfully I wish I didn't meet her
This girl called life
Most of my friends back home..are having their first kid or getting engaged or already have a wife
I'm suffocating,I just want to breathe
Don't need someone to give me the things I want,but who gives me the things I need
I think secretly we just all want to be freed
To escape all the social pressure and greed
They want you to be this way and that way
To dress and talk and wear your hat this way
I don't have to be the best,I just have to be better
I hate how I expose all my flaws with the type of every single letter
Everything is just happening so fast,none of these friendships/relationships no longer last
Why are we all so in a rush,the faster we go..the faster we crash

Can I still save you from you..
Can you still save me from me..
It feels like I've been locked away for so long
I'm just glad you got the key
You had it all along,you just didn't know
We all have a special part to play,even if it doesn't show
Take care of yourself & always smile
I haven't encountered someone as unique as you in a while..
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Monday, March 10, 2014

Devil May Cry

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They say try to forget,they advise for you to move on
But how do you allow something so right,to be tainted so wrong
Some wait an entire life-time for that one moment to feel alive
But if you don't go out there and get it,it may never arrive

We're all connected in someway
Will the rest wake up and finally realize that one day?
Cherish all the little moments,before they fade away
And listen to your heart,& say the words you've been dying to say

That one person who crosses your mind before you fall asleep
You could be the strongest person around,but when they're around you suddenly become weak
What do your actions really speak of?
Are you really portraying what your really made of?

You might be lost forever,but that's okay
The secret to life,is adapting anyway
Adapt to trust,don't adapt to lust
There has to be a you,before there can be us

We're all searching for something..something we may never find
Why do we shut out our hearts,and allow people to store their thoughts of hate in our mind
I mean,when you think about it..we really are just destroying our own kind
We're able to go buy the most expensive watches,but still seem can't afford to spend the time
On those who really matter,on those who really care,because showing who we really are deep down inside is something that still fills us with fear

So break free..break free
If you can't do it for you,then please do it for me
"It won't be in vain,
To swallow all your pain"
Never give up,Don't allow yourself to ever feel unaccomplished again..
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Friday, February 7, 2014

Flight Of The Navigator ..

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When two strangers automatically connect..
Without saying a word..their communication is perfect
With no worries of what the world holds next
Because the love they share..mirrors all the happiness & joy they choose to reflect

Is this time any different than the one before?
The say love is when your okay with receiving less and happy to give more
Now I drive about an hour to reach to your door
I can finally lock all the ones in the past that weren't so for sure

It's December 23rd,about 4:19 pm
I have so many different goals & ambitions..I look forward to when I finally reach them
I'm reading this book about Buddha,and he said 'Each person must find the truth within his own being'
You are who you think you the end of the day..does it really matter what the rest of the world is seeing?

And when I see you, everything & everyone else disappears 
The time flies by,it's like we've known each other for years
When we talk about our deadline,it brings you to tears
But nothings for I'll hold you close until you relax and let go of all your fears

It's been a while since I've been able to write
I guess for once..things I finally starting to go right
I did say before..when you start to hear from me less and less
That means everything in my life is perfect or just one big mess

You can hate me for that..or just take me as I am
Threw away trying to make everyone happy,because depending on others is never a good plan
But I do have about a handful that I can count
That no matter how little of any currency I have..I would always be rich in the sense of being a genuine person..that's the most meaningful amount

So I guess I just want to say thanks,
Thanks for being here,thanks for caring
Everything good & bad that happens to what I'm always sharing
You helped open my eyes for the better
All our wonderfully moments together..