Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Echoes Of

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Here we are we go
Let your mind relax...and let your troubles go
Escape to where it's safe one can replace you
Your picture is the background to my dreams
All the nightmares have vanished...getting closer to happiness
at least that's what it seems
Where we are today....isn't where we will be tomorrow
Love is in the air...mixed with a hint of sorrow
A place below the close enough
But when we are together...There is no such thing as close enough
In a couple of days...I will be gone
Leaving everyone behind....just always feels so wrong
Reality is such a scary thing...
Living life in denial...just trying to win
Win at a game we all seem to lose
With so many options flying around
How come we never get to choose
Every breath we take
Every step we take
Just leads us to life's little friend,,,,,

Not knowing what everyone knows
never going the direction they wish to impose
blocking out my I can die with my foes
may my friends live some where better
a place where happiness...& love seem to come together

The tree cant move....but the leaves can surely fly away
why do we put birds in cages...then hate it when they fly away
why cant we just let things be free
why are some of us never given a chance to see
born blind....maybe we should all be
see life through our hearts
and only speaking softly....

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