Tuesday, January 3, 2012


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Waiting for my heartbeat to come back
Found love once,but I lost track
So you can say I'm at the end of the road
Walking with just my shadow........it's so cold
Drake said 'The hottest love has the coldest end'
Women lie but still can't trust men
Staring in the mirror seeing my greatest enemy...
and my only friend.

That's just me being real
People love to make promises
but hate to keep the deal
War is a lose/lose situation
but whatever though ,I'll still take the oath to defend this nation
On a base full of people
but still feel alone
Any update with that stem cell research
would be a perfect time for a clone
one so I can just disappear
away to some unknown island...far, far away from here
all I want to do is help make music or write...
I cant see the sun anymore through all these strange clouds...whoever said the future was bright?

Couple more lines and I should be good for the day
Venting all my emotions so at the end...their not the reason I pass away
And if I could take it all back...
'Shut up' wouldn't have been the last thing you heard me say
You hurt me & I hurt you...isn't that the fair way?
wish you happy new year...and have a love filled day
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