Friday, January 27, 2012

The Birds..(the past)

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So I'm here with you...times moving so fast...we don't know what to do
holding each other close...since we are soon to be so far away
being with you isn't just like any other day
writing a million poems...nothing can explain the way
the way it felt,seeing your beauty made my heart melt
putting love first at full speed,with no safety belt
destined to the pain we felt
sending out S.O.S...just looking for some help
life is just a we played the cards we are dealt
reminiscing the smell of angel...because that's the way you smelt

promises are made to be broken,so I guess hearts are too
sometimes we tell lies to ourselves for so long...we eventually believe its true
what could I do without you?how could I ever doubt you
because before I didn't believe life could get any better...than I found you

The night is still young...the street lights all come on
I see your face in the stars...or is what I see wrong
can't sing...but I can play your favorite song
Life may be short...but love is long
took all the make us strong
using all the pieces...putting them where they belong
cherish what you have today...since the birds wont stay forever...
they eventually spread their wings...and are gone..
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we sometimes lose things.we wish to keep forever
why they go away...we may never know
just appreciate the time you shared
good things sometimes fall apart for better thing to come together
never lose hope
never give up on love...
since love will never give up on you
just take a deep breath...and always take care of you
we cant always look...sometimes things have to come to us
don't live life as a need to rush
every finish line,is a start of a new race
soar above all obstacles...and glide at your own pace

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