Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Losing things I thought will be mine forever
but nothing is promised,it could of be taken whenever
so cherish it at this moment,and hope it will only get better
people love to hate but hate to love
don't let anyone hold you gotta keep rising above
I hate when the words wont come out,I feel like I want to die
they say forgive & forget...but I want to know why
It's crazy how things have happened
I use to be there all the time,but I've been gone so long its like
it never happened
and sometimes I just sit & wonder why
I was the type of 'do anything to see you happy' type of guy
now the only way for us to see each other is if we
get on a plane and fly
just always keep your head up
you can do anything you want...just spread your wings & fly

With all the choices we make,is there really anything such as a mistake
since I use to believe in this two little things called destiny & faith
seems like we've been suffering as of late
better late than never...but never late is great
so whats it gonna take?
I pray,do the right things
I know love is silent,but I want to make her heart sing
looking forward to the day where I'm on one knee presenting her with a ring
then I wake up...realizing I can only be her prince...but can never be her king...

Love is bad,Love is good,it makes you do things you never dreamed you could,
It can take you to the highest of highs,or the lowest of lows,
And in the end,how you lived your life eventually shows
This might be the end of our chapter...but our lover story will never close..
I'm sorry...
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