Wednesday, January 4, 2012


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Woke up and nothing feels the same
brain trying to register,but my body rejects the pain
losing hearts like I'm in a super Mario game
but I'm going numb everything feels the same
just a writer in a room full of actors
people act,then many people seem to have this life so backwards
but I'll move forward one way...or another
you can dance in the rain...just watch out for thunder
meaning you can love something,but you can also get hurt
add & subtract the pro's & con's...and sum up their worth
the only real time people ever love you or miss you
is when you die or the moment of your birth
so sad how it works....

stuck in a environment where people drink,party &
had this one kid yesterday say I was depressing
but funny enough looking at his lifestyle,it must of been a joke
finally got power in my room & the waters hot
things are starting to improve...
too bad inside their not
just writing from the heart...
writing what I feel
sometimes you got to go on 'Wheel of Fourtune'
and not even care about the wheel

nothing in this world can make you something your not already
no need to speed through life,slow down,embrace everything you can,cherish the good things...take it steady
trouble might rush to you,when you think your not ready
but compared to God...those problems are light
while the love he has for us stays heavy
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