Monday, January 23, 2012

The Good Ones Go

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Whats love without hate
whats life without death
whats joy without pain
whats with people always changing on you
why can't everything just stay the same

you'll probably never hear from me again
remember me as enemy,or just a lost friend
I'm asking you to forgive me,
Lost some faith within me

The day is new,the night is too
shake off yesterday's problems,just do whatever you want to do
I just want to say,that there isn't a day
that I pray that one day,God puts you in my way

why do we remember everything we wish to forget
you were everything I wanted at one point,
mixed with a little regret
seeing love as a threat...since it never ends well
going back to how I was before...girl,cant you tell

lost alot of hope,but always hanging onto my faith
they say the best things are worth waiting I continue to wait
worry if I take to long...will things be too late
if so...just let me know
because even though I loved you...I still let you go

coming back to me,or finding some one new
nothing in life is least that statement remains true
even with a master plan...I cant figure out what to do
it's seems the further I traveled...the further we grew

May you wake up with a smile everyday,& go to sleep with no worries at all
that all your dreams come true,you remain that rising star
everything you touch,turns to gold
you find that one person that makes you feel complete when you hold
the lies never hurt you,the truth makes you better
I just want you to be happy...even if we can never be together
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