Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nathan's Vice..

Talk to some old friends then disappear,
In life things aren't meant to always be there,
No resolution for none of these new years,
Bit by bit,for all this.... I don't really care.
As I figured I wouldn't have learnt my lesson,
Laying down giving life so many questions,
Realized who the hell really cares,
I'm going through this dream with no more nightmares,
No more fearing what other people will think,
Through all the pain and heartbreak I've made it,
For all the great times, I have saved it,
Through the bad,it's just negated,
Some pick up a pen, I stick with the pencil,
My canvas is unmatched because my mind is a stencil

7 pounds on my shoulder,I thought I'd learn more,
As I keep becoming older...
It seems the same,but we ain't the same,
2 cars but two different lanes,
I know I said i wouldn't change,but in this life,
its all a game....
Would I win or lose,random pick and choose,
I forget things so easily,so don't mind me if I don't remember you,
I love you too but that's a lie,You wave at me,I fake a smile,
You ask me how long I've been like this,
I say,"its just been awhile."
I'm a ghost the way I'm faded,look at all this time I've waited...

Its too late to save me,been so high since lately,
My visions have been in black and white,
Sepia,its crazy...
Whether its wrong or right,my music keeps playing day n' night,
Today's been a long day,cant wait for a drink tonight,
You said I'm cold,its like I'm dead,
I guess you didn't hear what i said,
Girl,other guys want to mess around with you.....,
When I just want to love you instead.
-Written by Nathan Thomas
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