Friday, January 20, 2012

Rolling Stone

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take my hand...lead me there
where we can just be who we want & not even care
since this world is not what its all made up to be
you see something in your dreams,when it doesn't really exist in reality
all the time we put in
all the love we seem to lose
I want to write a love song for you
but I just keep playing the blues
so the blues will continue to come
until I feel I've done everything here
that I was suppose to get done
running away from your problems...but how far can you run
everybody gets one chance,so just be prepared for it when it finally comes

Listen to yourself,always believe in you
make yourself a promise & no matter what,let it come true
so many clones,it's so hard to find a real one
eyes deceive,so use have to use your heart to really feel the real one
nothing but give & take...give & take
you give your love,they end up taking it which ultimately
leaves it to break
mentally out of shape
being sober doesn't seem to be enough
so they go out drink & get high,then they say they feel great
I can,but wont relate
because rolling down the same path,just leads to the same faith
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