Saturday, January 15, 2011

Until I Get There

Every day has to start with the sun,
While every night has to end with the moon,
Every person eventually has to leave,
While one waits to see them soon,
Hard to tell you what I don't know,
Harder for me to read the signs when you wont show,
Easy for me to just sit her & give up,
Easier for you to just stick with your people who you never want to give up,
Nice when things are back to normal for a week or two,
Nicer when the world is full of lies but we keep it true,
Lost when I cant see right what's in front of me,
Found out that it's maybe me thats blocking me,
But we all see what we want to see,
Hear what we want to hear,
Love how we want to love,
And break rules when we cant play fair,
It's up to you though...Tossed up in the air,
I guess I will just keep walking.....
Walking until I get there

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