Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Until I See You Again..

Looking through these pictures Cassita, you were always by my side
You always had a smile on your face,your wings were the only things you could hide
Now I'm scrambling, trying to make sense of it all
You were highest on my list,how did we fail and let you fall
I'm here trying to convince everyone not to be so sad
But I wasn't there to see you get resuscitated three times, I can't even picture it being that bad
But you fought for a whole day,even when all your organs were failing
I've just been in this daze.I can't really comprehend everything our family is saying
You were only 24,with so much live left to live
I made it to 25,I would give you my extra year,that's how much you deserved to live
Every time we spoke,it was always good vibes,
I guess this is 'Until we see each other again' since you know I'm not really good with good byes
Thinking of all the good,even though right now all we feel is the bad
I know we can all agree within the family Cass,that you were one of the best we ever had

I'm guilty of not doing everything I knew I could do
We got so distant because of me,and everything I was going through
But you never held it against me, you were always my sun on a cloudy day
You were always my umbrella on a rainy day
You were always my voice when I couldn't find the things to say
So now I'll speak for you..Thanh will always be family..since he stayed by your side too
Life isn't fair,this is true
We always wait until it's to late..
To send flowers and say I love you..
So I love you, I love you., I'll say it again
They say you're in a better place now..I'll be counting down the days until I get to see you again
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