Saturday, July 13, 2013

More Than Okay..

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Respecting the moment,respecting the time
The night is quiet,but when you're alone at night,a million thoughts run through your mind
If there was one line,just one line
To make that one thing yours,To make that one thing mine
Would you say it?or lose your chance to a different time
Sometimes I watch the sky,just searching for a sign
You have to take a moment,you have to enjoy what you have,life without enjoyment should be crime
It's like they locked me up & threw away the key,
I don't think I've ever seen such a soul so beautifully~
I can't play the piano,I can't play the harp
But I can give you my heart & promise to always play my part
Trying to save everything I can,I have a plan like Noah's Ark
But somethings can't be saved,I now see people who I use to wave
To,but nothing last forever,yes this is true
So now we just turn away
And simply just say 'Hey'
How do some people make it throughout the day
How do they sleep at night
But I can't judge, I'm no more wrong...than I am right
Never have I flown a kite
But I can imagine what it feels like
A stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet
And a soul mate is just a stranger you haven't  noticed yet
The first step is always the biggest step
Maybe they can't handle a mile in your shoes
In this game of love,where are the rules
And who wrote them
If someone is falling for you,should you do what is polite & hold them
Or let them fall,into a never ending fall
You lose that sense of fear,once you feel you've experienced it all
Some girls say all men are the same,and some men think all girls are crazy,but who ever said to try them all
Once you find your other half,the world will start to feel small
If I can steal a quote 'Life isn't about how much times you get knocked down,but how many times you choose to get up & stand tall'
No one is perfect,but I promise you we are worth it
Make a wish,and watch it fly away
I want for you to be more,way more than just okay..
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