Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Drop The World

a breaking point that only you can see
a turn for the worst,from happiness to misery
so we all have a purpose,we will become whatever it is we are meant to be
the tears don't stop,but neither do the smiles
take life one step at a time,but spread joy along the miles
will always be there no matter what
I bleed my soul into these poems,and I never bandage up
on a lonely road,and it goes forever
things cant get any worse?but when will it get better

always thought I had it right.but I had it wrong
trying to get things straight,but everything is already wrong,so im feeling kinda late
its crazy man,we're in this crazy land
where people do things not only because they want to,but because they can
I still look at your picture everyday,I hope that you ok
seems my times is running out,but I still don't know what to say
so many directions,not knowing where to go
waiting for the green light...but only red will show

I wish I could see your face again....but could I even face your face again?
what can I do to save you?what can I do to save me?
before this world swallows us up and the planet erases me
running out of options,racing against the time
tying not look back,but I keep seeing my soul falling back behind
making my self get back in line,but If you don't believe in yourself,then you missed the most important sign

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