Thursday, June 23, 2011

Trust Issues...

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If you have never been in the dark,then how would you know to appreciate light?
And if anything hasn't gone would you know when they're right?
I don't want to be heartless....I just wish I knew how to use my heart less,
because through the structure of things,I've ended up with this heart mess...
You can never completely fix something once it's been broken,
But you will never know whats behind that closed door,if you don't use your courage to make it open,
Any step forward,Is a step in the right direction,
And we are able to make mistakes in life,so we can show ourselves that we are strong enough to correct them,
Never let anyone hold you down...and as God as my witness I promise to never let you drown,
Because sometimes it feels like the rain is pouring down and it's never going to stop,
Or like your always stuck between a hard place & a rock,
You will get out that hard place eventually....believe in yourself to find the key,
Then everything will open.....maybe you just need to look harder because I promise you the signs are showing...

I can see myself not trusting myself,because I followed my heart and look where I got myself,

A place where is broken and so low, I do my best to hide it in person,but in my poems they always show,
As I look at all these pictures and start to miss all the people I've ever met,Their is a part of me that is full of regret,So how I'm suppose to move forward?When I don't know where is the best place to take my next step?
I feel like we are here for one reason and that is to love...Love in silence or Love in words either way as long as you both feel it...the important thing is your love is being heard,

Your the only one...since I don't trust these....
Singing from the heart,so tell me if you hear me,
I can see people nearby but still cant feel anyone near me,
Sometimes I sit & wonder whats it going to take to make all our dreams come true,
then the answer fell from the isn't much....just takes you to believe in you,
So thats what I hope you do,because me believing in you is nothing new,
Looking for some things,and I think that I can find them in you
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  1. i love this blogging idea and how calm and inspiring it is i just started a block today and be happy if u looked at it in a couple of days and give me some tips and help on how to get people interested like this and write good.