Saturday, June 4, 2011

Help From Above

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The hopes,the wishes...The love,the hate...The highs,the lows...The dark,the light,
A moment where we can peacefully sleep forever,or where we just constantly keep ourselves up at night..

The loud,the quiet....The sad,the happy....The sometimes,the always,...The rich,the poor,
I say it all the time,we are constantly in battle with each other or everyday what are you standing/fighting for?

A marriage,a divorce...A fall,a climb...A room full of clocks,a place of timeless time,
We all have a purpose...A meaning...or at least a story to tell,so just always keep that in mind

A opening,a closing...A wrong,a right...A sun,a moon...A beginning,a end,
Even if you had all the love,money & objects in the world....what would you do with it then?

Too much pain,not enough joy...Too much talk,not enough action...Too much murders,not enough successful births,
They say 'don't worry about things too much,your young,you have your whole life ahead of you ' but what about for the little ones who are suffering right does that work?

Too much time,not enough done...Too much power,not enough help...Too much fear,not enough love,
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I cant do this alone I gaze into the stars,with my current state of mind...and hope...,I receive some help from above
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