Monday, July 18, 2011

Forever Young

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I take a deep breath & a step back
just because we fall behind,doesn't mean its a set back
whats glory without struggle....whats joy without pain??
whats the point of living life in a negative no one would be able to rejoice your name?
Live it to the fullest,just don't go over the edge
since I know we all have those moments when we just want to quit,close our eyes and walk over that ledge
maybe to see what will happen when your gone
but lets not think that way,lets just replay your favorite song
play it loud,as loud as it can go
and if everybody ask's what your doing
tell them 'making them making the best of things' so thats all they need to know
things go bad for good things to make them better
and we make mistakes today,so that tomorrow we will know better
we can never know it all but thats ok
right....or wrong we all have to pick our own way

Missing all the wonderful times....but I know some will come again
Don't worry about counting your enemies,just worry about keeping count of all your true friends
Maybe I can write you a story
Maybe I can write you a song
But think about it this way...
If we all try and do the hell can anything go wrong
It was to good to be true, least I stayed true,.......what about you?

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