Friday, August 26, 2011

Dear You

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'A Powerful Message...Or Maybe A Powerful Poem...Whatever It Is...These Are My Thoughts...While Listening To The Zone'
So I'm here thinking about you,
Seems like our days talking are almost through,
Wishing I was dreaming,but I woke up into a nightmare
Worst feeling in the world to not see you right here....

who sees what you see?
who cares when you care?
who fills that emptiness,when you feel no love near........

one in a million,or a million in one
its fun when we all start,but don't forget what happens when its all said & done
some one has to win,someone has to lose,
one must feel the heartbreak...but neither one leaves without a bruise
so who do you choose?
or is he already can have all the hearts in the world...but you would of wasted your love unless one was golden,

Don't waste your time thinking of him,no point of even talking to her
Constantly thinking of building a better & brighter future,so the darkness in the past is now just a blur
I just hope you remember one thing.....Love is about a bond.....and marriage isn't about a ring...

This is just a free-write,but I hope it helps you see right,you cant expect tomorrow to be bright,if you give your self to darkness every time you feel night,Be proud of what you do,take confidence in what you say,and make the sun of your clouds....never be gray,May the stars always twinkle,and your wishes all come true,just don't always be you...yeah girl,just always be you....xo
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