Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Before I'm Gone

When the lights come on....tell me who would you wish to see
And when you lay your head on your pillow...who or what do you always dream to be
God gave us eyes.....but we also have our heart's to see
So love with everything you have inside of you...since the best things in life should be free
I have my mind made up that I want to help you....so I hope you feel the same about me
Because there is no greater gift...than to make some one you truly care about happy

We all have our moments when we just wish everything could stop
We all have our times when our highest & brightest star just seems to drop
We all have a day when the sun seems absent and there is nothing but rain
But the day will come when something or someone will show you so much love...that it will temporally numb all the pain
And when you look in the mirror after all these years of going through changes...you will finally see the wonderful masterpiece you have finally became

A lot of time has flew by,A lot of people I never told bye,
Many moments where things hit me & I wonder why,...Everyone should try to be the best they can be,since it never hurts to try....Let me just say one more thing before I'm gone....
If you know your doing the right in your heart.....no one can ever prove your wrong
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