Monday, May 23, 2011

Missing..By Kayla Bolton

Everyday I face the day with an open heart,
I'm never disappointed, but I feel like I'm missing something, like an empty cart
I wanted you to be there, I pleaded and it didn't seem to matter
I can't take it; I'm much too lonely and the will didn't seem right
Thinking about it, it hits me and I cry alone at night
Then his words echoe and I know who is real
It doesn't seem like a big deal anymore, and I can control how I feel
I've spent a life time to understand myself, but still I am confused
Every other day you cross my mind and so much reminds me of you
I go on and laugh without you there and I have to remind myself of the things I got to do
I always asked how, but I never asked why
You never gave me answers, you didn't even give it a try
You left me, gave me a heartache, left me to mourn
I stand strong, but my soul feeling torn
How could you do it? I will never understand
Always angry, always aggrevated
Nobody really got along, and we grew apart
The distance was unbelievable,
They were there to pick me up, and I couldn't believe what I'd been missing out
My hope restored and my heart feeling lighter, taking another route
I'm sorry you won't be by my side, I'll be marching on
I'm so happy and it hasn't ever felt wrong
There was many wars, and I'm sorry for the things I'm not
The plans that we made, it wasn't the water we wanted to wade
I'm glad though, 'cause I'd rather take another step without you
I'll always miss you, but we've both got things to do
And my scars will always show and I'll smile when I look back on them
You weren't a dime a dozen, you were a gem
So shine on without me, and I'll continue to shine on without you
 -Written by my friend Kayla Bolton

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