Sunday, October 21, 2012

Remember You..

'Sometimes you have to forget what you feel..And remember what you deserve'
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Once you prove it to yourself...
Who else do you really have to prove it to?
I got a couple things in my mind that I still want to do to you
You left kinda fast,wasn't really through with you
The old aloof me is coming back,so it may be kinda new to you
The end is near,so say what you have to..before we're through..
We keep drifting further & further,but part of me will always feel close to you

Distant memories & faded dreams
Everything is happening for a reason?or whatever that means
It seems what we had, isnt all that it seemed
Still remembering all this...
What does it all really mean
I see a happy ending..
But that's ever only in a dream
Now I just wish I could forget the beginning,the end
And everything in between
Out of sight...Out of mind
And your no longer seen
Just trying to be real,sorry if all this comes of as mean
We never made it to getting rings,but I still feel we were the best team

Whats everyone trying to prove?
Not every ones gonna win,its ok to lose
Remembering me or forgetting you,which do you choose
Always expecting the bad,so all of it just comes as regular news
I guess love & heartbreak comes hand in hand now,always in twos

The time of the year where the leaves fall & change colors
It seems I was right about life,abut wrong about the others
I'm fading away from everyone,even now to mother & brothers
Is it just a phase?will everything go back to normal
But then again,my normal wasn't really ever normal

If you remember me...How I remember you
Then you'll know somewhere in the future
We'll find alot of catching up to do..
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