Sunday, October 14, 2012

Turn The Page..

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The darkness falls...and the lights fade away
Your heart beats slow...and you forget your last words to say
The sky loses color...all your rainbows turn gray
Who believes in nightmares?when your day dreams are better anyway...
The time keeps ticking..when will it ever stop
The higher we climb this ladder of love,the harder we'll drop
You can be anything,who is to say your not
I believe in you,more than I believe in me
Sometimes your heart can see more than what your eyes can see
Faith,hope,love & destiny
Are these life delicious recipes?
Another birth,another death
No matter how much we gain,they still we try to take away everything until theres nothing left
Keep trying,until your last breath
Keep your secrets to yourself,make sure there internally kept
Only a handful of people will truly understand
It's not where you fall,its where you stand
And listen to your heart,your heart has a plan
If your dreams never take are they suppose to land?
Take chances for good,you may never know what could happen

This month of October,so drunkenly somber
I try to walk my own path,with no fear to get run over
Starting to fear things less and less
Only after everything feels perfect,do they start to become a mess
Sometimes its all about you...cant always be about the rest
We always want to do more,when all we really need is more rest
Is this life a game, a dream or a test
Either way,I hope your trying your best
Not until your dead,do we get our well deserved respect
You don't know what you got till its gone,so what did you really expect
Things come & go,and they always change
Keep your family & friends close,and any enemies out of range
We all have that little bird inside us that wants to fly & sing..
Don't you think its time we let it out the cage
Burying all these emotions underneath,its bound to come out sooner or later and rage
Everything will always seem the same,unless your willing to move on
Let go...and turn the page....

Start a new chapter of life...and just turn the page...
Things will never change,unless you make them change
Its really all up to you,and what you want to do
There's a whole bunch a them,and only one you
Whats it gonna be,whats it gonna take
Are you going to try & correct them,or continue making the same mistake
This life is either make or break
And your still I know you have just what it takes..
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