Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Broken Silence

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I'm looking in the past,reminiscing just how everything was so golden

The future is in your hands..so just what are you holding
These moments,these moments which we dream of,are so rapidly unfolding
It's so funny how now once I've closed up,everyone now wants to be so open
Think about it this way,even if we are ok
Every things so black & white,no longer can I see no gray
My love was all i had,and I put it all on display
It only had one price..and now its gone away
Deleted my facebook,since I no longer had anything to say
Taken my self out of the equation,before you tried to subtract me away
I will always look back..slowly gaze into that day
October,November,December..we're so many months away

Drowning all my sorrows today,so the best of me will remain tomorrow
Once you get hurt so much,you slowly start to adapt
And the secret isn't how much...but more like how little to react
So I packed...and I packed
I tried to move further away,but love has no distance
So I'm still trapped

Why wont you let me be,when will this spell set me free
Whats it gonna take for my heart to see
That maybe I'm not meant for you,and you aren't meant for me
Is the world burning?Or is it just me?
Everyone craves to be full & high
But I just want to fly low and finally become empty

These dreams at night,make us believe everything is alright
But Ive been told before I'm wrong...even when I was right
Fading out of sight
Falling in love with the night
My silence if finally broken...well not quite...
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