Friday, November 9, 2012


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When you lose the words you wish to say
While your staring out the window,patiently waiting for a brighter day
You toss & turn in the bed alone, where they use to lay
But you refuse to give up...because there has to be another way

Things don't feel the way they use too
The lies appear inside these conversations,more than the truth do
Not everything broken can be put back together with glue
Sometimes once its broken,its broken forever..the only thing left is try & find something new

Just another cloud in the dark sky
You think you see something,but you look away and it passes you by
What really happens after we die?
Will there be a new beginning...or is this really our finally goodbye

Too early...or too late
Making your own path...or just holding onto faith
Not good enough...or maybe your too great
Did we just destroy everything...that we were about to create

What if I told you that I love you..
That I need you...
Are those the words you crave?
Are those the lies I need to feed you

The continuous gamble of life,
Why does it feel I always lose
Not letting peoples mistakes affect how I treat them is what I always choose
But all the abuse is starting to leave a bruise
No one wants to be accountable for their actions,but this isn't news
Things have been this way,for a long time
A Leo by birth,but maybe the lion in me was left behind
I hate this,and thats just not another line
The only reason I I know theres still an answer to all this mayhem that I'm not going to stop until I find

The ones you see they even know you?
Do they know what you go through?
Would they even help you get through?
Or would they just watch you fail and say it was nice to know you
Not enough helping hands,they have more hands to judge
But you have to be that rock in a hard place..and never budge
Never break...No matter how much times you get tossed inside the same lake
And when your at the edge of that cliff...just look up at the stars and wait
Miracles and shooting stars sometimes come a little late..

Don't just read what I have to say..Hear what I'm trying to say
That new start you've been waiting for...that new beginning..well today can be that day
You just have to start from the bottom,and clean all the negative vibes out of you way
Pray if you pray...but believe in yourself and never leave your self pride astray

But I love you...
And I need you...
I only want you..
But no ones going to know if its true...
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