Friday, November 30, 2012

Trust Issues

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So what do you do... when its only you
And people pretend they want to help,but really they have no clue
When you have to say goodbye to everyone you love,now they can't believe how fast you grew
Everydays a new its always out with the old..and in with the new
If I could see you in front of me..the things I would say
This life will sometimes give you the things you love,then the next second takes it away
If life is a game...just how long should we continue to play..
Some of the realest words are on our tongue...but they are some we may never say
In a life full of color,most of the times everything just seems gray
The sun to my sky...the tear in my eye...
I don't think theres a worse feeling..than being forced to say goodbye
Trying everyday..but why do I even try
These people here can't appreciate the things I do
I was the only person here for you when you were new.
But your already off my list for good...some friendship you blew
I kinda had a feeling...but deep down I already knew...

Where do I go from here?
Use to be afraid of life..but now I know theres nothing to fear
Back in the days when we were little kids,our biggest decision was what  to wear
Now we dream of going places...but in reality are we really going any where...
People say they are...but are they really there?
Love me or hate me..more & more I'm learning not to care...
All these lies of false feelings I always hear
But still happiness is the only thing my heart wants to share..

I hope one day it all makes sense
I hope one day you finally decide to love you
Your amazing...I don't know how all these people miss seeing the real you
I guess they cant see true beauty with there eyes
But then again,real beauty comes from the heart..and they probably wont ever recognize
These trust issues always seems to rend ties
I guess my heart will always love you..
Even after my spirit..and body dies...
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