Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bright Day

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 The time never stops...so why should hope
Life is sometimes hard..the secret is learning how to cope
You have to keep on believing..Even when you feel like your at the end of your rope..

If we could change everything...would anything stay the same?
I've seen the price of love...but the cost of no pain seems so hard to name
Loving with your all,then losing that thing or person...should come with no shame
There always has to be a winner...and a loser...those are just the rules of the game

If you know music,then you should know love..
If you know love,then you should know life..
If you know life,then you should know enough..
Of what the world is missing..and what we need to do to make it right..

What if rain..is just the long lost tears of the sky..
What if the wind is just a long lost lonely spirit passing us by..
What is the sun..was just a million dying stars finally cry..
And the moon..promised to always be there for the sun..until they both decide its time to say goodbye

I think we we're placed here to love,but got tricked into hate
I think if we continue to sleep on life...that we might wake up too late
I think we all have a chance to make it to the golden gates
But it's up to us since we make our own paths..with every single step forward or back we take..

How do we love so much,but only get pain in return
How do we go to school,but its only after hours we learn
How do we spend so much time working,but its barely anything we earn
Why do we let these people continue to take advantage of us...
Why doesn't anyone act like its any of our concern..?

Money comes and goes..
But love only sinks or grows...
Watch what you say,sometimes the silliest things can slip from right under our nose...
Everyone loves the high's...Maybe it's time we learn to enjoyed the lows..

Whats tomorrow without a sense of hope..
Whats today without a hint of love..
Whats yesterday without a bit of memory..
Whats the future without a cloud of mystery...
When you close your eyes...what is it you wish to see
But more importantly when you open them..is that what you see..

I can wish you the best,but only you can make it that way..
The world can give you the sun and the sky,but only you can make it a bright day
So do what you have to..but promise me..you'll have a bright day
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