Monday, December 24, 2012

Wise Man..

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Hold onto what is true..Never let go of love or you
Hold your head good & don't ask why
Make a wish onto a star..they shine for us every night no matter how dark or how far
These man made mirrors and human eyes..don't do justice or show how truly beautiful you are
Your soul speaks of words our ears are yet to understand
Sometimes we just have to go with our heart,that might just be the best plan
Take a stand...Take a stand
Just where will all our dreams finally land
When its the last of your dying days..could you say you did all that you wanted to do
Can you say you planted your seed of happiness & hope in all your loved ones..and watched it grew
The time only resets..but somehow it still feels new
Sometimes we love the old...sometimes we praise the cold
Sometimes we fear to be bold...But I know theres something we all need..something to hold
Or just to be many different shades of color..but we all bleed red
Living life..until we're dead
When your gone...its all about how you made people feel...not really what you did or said
The lies or truth..which one are we most likely fed
What crosses your mind,before you fall asleep in bed
I hope that someone dreams of you too
A wise man would love you for you
A fool would only love you for what you can do
So just what will you do...
Love yourself first...or let them falsely love you

But someone will be proud of you..
Yes someone will be proud of you..

I believe there will be a time..
When everyone in the world will smile at the same time
When the time will freeze..and they would be no such thing as crime
And all the tears from the past,will add up for future joys
All the kids around the world with nothing..will see a Christmas with plenty warmth & toys
Where screams of joys & cheers is the only noise
Where everyone is in love,so theres no time to hate
And we all live on our time,so you can never be too late
Where only beauty is the only thing we can create
What ever you think in your mind,is what you see on your plate
Just how much can this world take...Pretend everyday is Christmas and give what you can
and be great
I sure whoever is watching over you would really appreciate
We're all wise at times...
We're all fools at times..
But beneath it all
We're all tired of being put behind the blinds
Let the world in..let the sun shine

I know someone will be proud of you...
Yes someone will be proud of you..*
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