Sunday, January 6, 2013


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There will only be one me..
And there will only be one you..
They say the world was made for two..
I wonder if you still think it's true..
We watch each other rise..
We see each other fall..
But if we aren't there for each other..
Then whats the point of it all..
Up against the world,we might feel small
But even love from the smallest person can make us feel tall
Nothing set in stone
Hope you never feel alone
It's important to be who you are
Theres a reason why we have no human clones
Drifting far away,away from that zone
Now I'm missing..missing that place called home..

I can hear it in your voice..
You don't sound the same
You sound alot stronger..
Like you stopped holding on to the pain
And I'm so happy for you..
I'm ultimately proud
My heart is beating in a different way..
It's o so loud
I'm painting you a picture..
It's you on top of the world
And you have this smile..this smile no one else could erase
No matter how big or small,I believe we all take up the same space
Nothing more,Nothing less
Whatever the outcome,the world will have to accept your best
Remember not to over work yourself..our souls all need rest..
Find that peaceful place..your happy zone
Now your missing..missing that place called home

Expand your mind
Look for more than you think you will find
Keep yesterday behind
And the ones who doubt you are blind
Your one of a kind
And the world needs kind
Missing that one thing..that use to be mine..
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