Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom

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It's been over a year, and I haven't seen you
Always hard to leave loved ones behind,but sometimes you need to
You showed me so much,I wish you could be here
My love for you will always be in your heart,I can promise you it will always be there

And this song always gets me,I always start to cry
Because it makes me think,what would I do if I was all the way over here and you were to get hurt or to die
All I ask is for God to protect you & them
You are the only person I could always go to,when I don't have a friend
You always try so hard,you never stop
But I promise we will be there to catch you when you feel old & weary or like your about to drop
Loving my brothers is all I could ever ask from you
You did it all alone,so much love from one's like you were two
Staring at this picture I took a couple days before I left
Me on the right and you on the left
We might not know the path,but its always important to take that next step
And everyday I'm stepping for you..I'm stepping
Trying to make you proud by not forgetting
You raised me well,and always did your best to pick me up when I fell
Your basically one of the best things that ever happen to me..if you couldn't tell

I love you Mom, and I hope you have an amazing birthday.
No matter how long we are away from each other,we always bond instantly
Thank you for always supporting me,and giving me you all
Your struggle greatly inspired me to do something more..something more for you & my little brothers
You never gave up on us,so we will never give up on you..
Stay strong mom...we love you..
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