Monday, January 28, 2013


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Do you accept you?
Do you accept who you are?
You have to know..
That your the reason you got this far
We don't always give enough credit to who we are
As soon as you feel close..things may make you seem far
But your right there..Love can help overcome any fear
Love those far..Love those near
This world..the air we breathe
We all have to remember how to share
It seems we sometimes forget how to care
But theres life all around us,I know its sometimes silent
But you have to use your heart to hear..
And to see..
Who better to make this place..a more lovely space
Than you..or me
They can try to keep us locked away
But deep inside,someone has placed a secret key
Unlocking it though,takes some time
It takes a certain amount of love & peace in your mind
So please accept..too many times do we quickly reject
And while we're speaking on the subject,lets try not to neglect
Expect to Accept
Learn to Protect
The not so Perfect
In the end,this is what makes life worth it
Helping one another
Loving a family other than your mother,father,sister,brother
It's the easiest thing to say No
But then again its sometimes easy to say Yes
No one is allowed to judge you
We just have to try our best
We were once that little baby bird,scared to leave mothers nest
But we're flying now..maybe not yet on our own
Spread your wings..Acceptance can be one of the most beautiful things known..
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