Monday, November 12, 2012

I'm Broken..

All this time...I've been trying to find all the pieces
to help put me back together...
But I've learn theres sometimes beauty in the middle of a storm..
So I stopped trying to fix everything that's broken..
And just embrace the shattering...To enjoy the rise & the fall
Not to look back at yesterday,nor in this thing called 'tomorrow'
I know theres more like me,broken...broken to no point of return
What we can give to this world,is something we shouldn't try to take back
People are going to take the best of us...That's just what people do
And someone might give their best to you
Just don't take it for granted...appreciate them for who they are
Life isn't too short,we just make it feel that way...
But not cherishing every second we have
The only answer we have to the one we choose to accept
Whats the real difference between happiness and sadness
Except that we have total control on how we feel
We do.
But we choose different alot of the times
Take me for instance,right now I'm letting it out because I feel that's the right thing to do
Too many times,we cover up how we truly feel in the shadow of others..
But that isnt right..because there's once was a time when they were broken too
If we put all our pieces together...I feel we can be some of the chosen few...
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