Friday, November 23, 2012


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Lets change the change
Lets turn the page
Lets live life by joy and not by age
Never again let our true self be put in a cage
Lets break away & be free,
Who better to start..than you or me

Rescue me from my destiny
These demons disguised as angels always get the best of me
Collecting whatever's left of me
Declined...Declined...why won't anything just accept me

A second too close,we almost didn't get away
A minute longer,and we wouldn't know what to say
The sun & the moon turn into one,so now the world is all gray
Now night is our only day...lets slowly drain all our pain away...

They pick who are our enemies..and make up a reason for us to fight
But if there was no such thing as power..the world would be alright
They throw us in the darkness..With only a glimpse of the light
They hang these debts over our families,over shadowing our future that should be bright

I'm not fighting their war,
Searching for the hearts that are pure
Lust & drugs are such a deadly lure
Look deep inside your heart..and tell me if you see the cure

We all have the answer,but who will be the one
We're not giving in or giving up,until this is all done
Throwing money away like its nothing,I guess they enjoy playing with our lives like its fun
Instead of fighting with love,they fuel us with hate..and give us guns
But that is a silly battle spilled with blood..that can never truly be won..

I dreamt of a time..
That if negativity was in the present...all we had to do is rewind
And spend some time...spend some time
How come our mankind..isn't so kind?
These laws they make can turn helping someone into a crime
But its all just a sign...
A plague will come...and wipe away all that needs to leave.
And only leave the good behind...
This world is destined for greater things..and that's what we're gonna find...
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  1. Honestly, Roger... This was one of the most thought provoking poems you've ever written. It made me think ab out so much. I hope these words reach the right kind of people, far and wide...