Friday, July 13, 2012

Colorless Rainbow..

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Feeling this pain...I got a list of names...but really no one to blame
We all would like to believe we're different...but when it comes down to it...we're basically all the same
We ask for the sun to shine...when its pouring down rain..
But when the sun is shining for too long...we start to wonder why the rain hasn't came
Happiness seems to be the hardest thing to tame
Once you've lost the feeling of love...nothing will ever be the same...

Take a look at what you left me all alone
But when you started acting different...I kinda should of known
We were only apart for a small amount of time...but look how far we've grown
Now it's hard for me to listen to the song 'The Zone'
since you were the only person that could get me in that zone..

I should be ok....I should be ok
I've been through this lie called love...enough times anyway
Now when people talk...I rarely believe of what they have to say
Because I listened to you...and now...I don't have anything to say

So now...I'm standing in the rain...
Its pouring down but that's ok
my tears can mix with the rain
and hopefully help wash away all this pain
wash away all my sins,and help me become a better me
Its only when my eyes are closed...when my heart really starts to see..
the eyes deceive..the eyes deceive
they make you see things better than they really are..that's what they make you believe..
after this much rain....there should be a rainbow
but there wont be..because you took all the color from my life...
only when I'm finally living above the clouds...will I ever be alright
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"Take a look of what you did"
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