Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Purple Matter

Here until they decide to erase me...
Always doing the chasing...
Waiting for someone to chase me..

You are so much more than what you know
The world can spin as fast as it pleases...we can still take this thing slow
Do we just have eyes...just to see the things life has to show
When your heart screams 'YES'...don't listen to anything else that tries to tell you 'no'
The finish line could be right just need to go
We just need to far can we go...

Your tears are the most precious substance,I hate to see them run down your face
All the time we wasted in the past,still we have nothing we can use to erase
We are all just puzzles...waiting to be figured out & put in our right place
You don't need your tongue to know...that 'true love' is the sweetest thing we could ever taste
The finish live could be right there..but what if I don't want us to finish this race
Someone has to win,Someone has you lose
we can try to be happy,or feel sorry for ourselves & just sing the blues...
You choose,You choose
You can win...but your the something I don't want to lose...

The greatest thing on the planet...every man's dream
Also the most beautiful thing..that even God has seen
Nothing more important...nothing can come in between
Questioning the word 'Love'...and what it really means...

The more time taken,the better off it should be
Sometimes the more I spoke...the less people understood me
So should I never talk again?Even if I tried...I couldn't give up writing
Always with this paper & pen
Don't get confused...'Love' is the only message I'm trying to send
been waiting for it for so long now...All I can think about is when?...when?
Heav-en....Heav-en...are you out there?
Because if your not...what will we do then...
" many people live within unhappy circumstances & yet will not take
initiative to change their situation because they conditioned to a life
of security, conformity & conservatism, all of which may appear to give one peace
of mind, but in reality nothing is more damaging to the adventurous spirit within a man's
living spirit is his passion for adventure.The joy of life comes from our encounters with new
experiences,& hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly
changing horizon,for each day,to have a new & different sun."
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