Thursday, June 28, 2012

Love Crimes..

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Start to lose hope,just how long can love work
Tried covering up your feelings,but I can feel your true feelings through your shirt
So why pretend..what are you trying to do?
Either this is going to be one big lie,or it's going to be true
Crazy for you
I'll commit love crimes..who would of knew
Only one can make it,so who gets left behind
We are all searching for something,question is that thing really what we're meant to find
A totally let down,the upmost excitement
A million thoughts fly through my mind when I'm quiet
Finding myself day by day
Losing instrest in these games life decides to play
Most of the time I'm here but don't feel here
Love is nothing without the other person being there

Nothing comes easy...but it always goes that way
If only I could say all the thoughts I think,so much I would say
Two things would would either hug & kiss me..or simply cry & walk away
Your foot prints start to fade...because when things get too hot,thats when you burn alive or
run for shade
Burning alive for you...These are the love crimes coming from you

Something so beautiful & sincere
Closing my eyes..while I'll run my fingers through your hair
Your smile is the greatest satisfaction..nothing else can compare
Ready for that moment...just whisper when or where
Every sensation we want to share
Your voice is the sweetest thing..running ear to ear
The only question is..will this love crime end with
a happy ending..or a couple tears..
'Nobody is perfect until you fall in love with them.'
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