Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mercy Me/Touch...

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Me and you can't ever be,why is that something I can never see
Blind to the fact,I couldn't tell
You may be an angel...but I bet they have angel's in Hell
Like I'm a prisoner to your love...but I'm sadly happy in your cell
These questions of what will be...these questions always dwell
I hope your prepared...Always be prepared for the farewell

Why couldn't I be like the others...Why couldn't I be like the rest
Like the type of guy...who would never give a girl like you his best
But instead...I put myself through this stupid life test
That I would always try and make things right..no matter how deep the mess
So I'm cleaning...and I'm cleaning and its worse what I find
That's just who you are...I wasted all my time
I wish my heart was in my back...So I can put all this love behind
And forget this poem...I dont even want to rhyme

It is easier to love, than to be loved....

This is where I am...and this is where I stay
I find myself a victim...for caring every single day
Soundsofmywords is the only way...I know how to put all these feelings away
I put them out there for the world to read
Because that sense of knowing your not alone is what we all sometimes need
The ones who are heartless...one cared to much
But the ones who are touchless...are the ones who need a touch

a touch of hope,a touch of help
a touch of compassion,a touch of hope
a touch of life,a touch light
a touch of love...and a touch
that maybe someday,someone will come
and love them right...
A touch that someone...will some day love & treat them right...
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