Friday, June 22, 2012

Something More..

'Think from your heart,Love with your brain
Treat everyone with kindness,because inside we're all sometimes fighting the same pain'

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Saying all the right things...but still hearing all the bad
Why do the things that should make us the happiest
always seems to make us the most sad,
We all use to be so pure...
We all always wanted to be something more..
Now most people only care about what's the latest materialistic thing coming out in store
We can't all want to fly..when we cant even get along while living on the floor

Why can't we all just get along..
Life may be short...but the troubled times make it feel long
Trying to do whats right,instead of following the trend of wrong
Someone has to break this chain,so someday we can all just get along
Life is suppose to be something more,something true
People should be supporting you to do everything you want to do
A life filled with family,friends & tears...
We gain, lose & abuse love over these number of years
Either getting positively or negatively influenced by our surrounding peers
Sooner or later...we have to let go of all of our fears
At the bottom now..but I promise we will climb these stairs
And prove to them, that all it takes is someone who really cares

I might be gone...but yet I'm always still here
On August 28th...that day will mark a year
A year of me leaving my loved ones to try & gain something new
But don't be mistaken...for everyone in my family I did this for you
Looking back on the days,when I didn't believe in me
But I figured out the have to look toward to tomorrow
Like everyday has something to see
Don't give up...There is always something more,
Tomorrow is your chance to do better than you've ever done before'
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