Sunday, June 10, 2012

No Room To Breathe

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"the more you care,
the more you have to lose"

This was never have no idea how much I despise the time
The times when I'm ready to go...and the times I'm ready to leave
I sometimes have to choose sides of either being closer to you..or just giving you some room to breathe
Happiness & Love seem to be the only two things I want...but can never achieve
All these emotions & thoughts that I always have to relieve
Everybody expects so much from me...I just need some room to breathe

I'm suffocating...and it feels like I'm losing me
But the confusion of love...just keeps bewildering me
What will I be?When I'm dead & gone..will anyone even remember me
They always tell us to follows our hearts..but it's so dark & cold's something I can't even
I see everything...Just I choose when to talk & when to be quiet
It's times like this when I feel my brain & heart might start to riot
Since they never agree...I told you in the other poem....They want to lock you up forever girl...
But I'm just trying to set you free

What else should I say...I just really want to forget everything & move on with this day
Working 7 days a week...I guess the military feels that's ok
Hopefully I'm doing this all for a reason..hoping I'm being lead down the correct way
Now when I'm around certain people...I don't have much to say
Drake said the 'Good Ones Go' so it makes perfect sense why I'm always the one who seems to go away

I'm here...but I'm gone
It seems the right feeling for me is always wrong
Writing the words...the least you can do is sing along
When I held your hand...It felt like I had the whole world in my palm
Just for those couple of seconds
Could never get enough of you...I would always ask for seconds
Our time always goes by to fast
To be happy,I'm always searching through the past
Because at the present..I'm alone....did you even have to ask?
Your the kind of person who people only dream about meeting
They could fall in love with you from a single greeting
I speak like I know...How far will this go?
Do all the things you never thought you could
Make the people looking up to you they know you would
How much longer can I last?
I'm still holding my breathe...running out of everything I need too fast
Holding my breath when it comes to you..hoping I didn't let our moment past...
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"I would like to try your clarity...
Love is the only engine of survival"
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  1. I liked this one. Expression is a great trait, although all Ill say is;


    You'll never be alone no matter what path you take