Wednesday, August 1, 2012


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Staying at a distance...a distance is where I need to be
You dashed away all the hope I had,so now its no longer up to you
hence...only up to me...
Feeling locked outside the world,but I don't even want the key
Realizing sadly enough..that not even freedom comes free
But sorry this is just my look at things...feel free to express with me whatever it is you see...

Smiling faces & broken hearts....
You can never really tell the difference between the two
unless you actually pay attention,be there & listen..and do your part
Life is no game,more on the lines of an misunderstood art
So while it's still here,paint & draw away...because when it all said & done..
They won't be anything left to do....or say
Not looking towards the end...just saying do what you can today*
Too much or too little,I know things feel like they can never be in the middle
But I'm willing to be here for you...if your here for me
I just want us to take off these masks...and become the people who we truly desire to be*

A couple more lines in....A couple more thoughts out
Who knew the more I gave in,the more you would draw out
Looking in the sky,tired of seeing all these supernova's...bring the real stars out
Because it feels like I'm at the end of my line..its been drawn out
Only if I could erase....just being able to erase...
There wouldn't be a fragment of me left here on earth...or out in space

But nothing comes find what you need to find
Whatever it is in your heart...whatever it is on your mind
Every now & then,things just take time
So put your best foot more looking behind..
All it really takes is for you to truly believe in yourself..
Now close your eyes..use your heart...and tell me what you see
Just one more thing...before I have to go...
You can be the greatest thing there is..
The choice is yours...That's all I really wanted you to know..
Make Yourself Proud*

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