Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Do or Say?Slipping Away..

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I really wish you cared more...I really wish I was there more
All this time spent on earth,sometimes I wonder what we're here for..
Things aren't like there suppose to be,your suppose to be here close to me
My days start to over lap,looking in the mirror,seeing not but a ghost as me

A heart is only a heart when its full,not when its empty
Just remember my words...its ok if you forget me
And when the flame gets low,summers suppose to heat things up,but the love you feel is still cold
When you would do anything to make things better again...just name a price and its sold
We're really all just Outsiders...Stay Gold..Just remember to always stay gold

And just never lose yourself...

Losing something you can never get back,telling people the truth..just look how they react
It's hard to move forward,when your always trying to go back
I'm just following my heart,and look where I'm at
I hate the fact that I'm mostly right,too good to be true,now your out my sight

A feeling you should love to have,and hate to fight
The good mornings start disappearing and your alone at night
The only time you feel above those other girls is when your on a plane..why are you so scared to make your dreams take flight?
And this shit is killing me,I cant even write
Love is blind...when will someone help me see the light..

These people pretend they like they know me
But I can see through their disguise...what are you really trying to show me
Been to some places that I never want to go back to
Sometimes I get sick of trying
So sick,but theres not point of me crying
There's people out there with less than me,and there just happy there not dying..

What will I do when it all stops making sense
When every other day is just another regular day spent
I don't have long,my times running out
I have all these visions in my head,but writing is the only way they will ever come out
Thinking if I could go back to where I was before
Back then I wanted to fast forward my life to the future...but that's not something I want anymore

These words....these words are all they really give me
I look happy when I'm around them...but when I'm alone again...that's when it all crashes down
& hits me
When did things get so vague and unreal
Happiness is nice when it's untroubled...but it seems to lose all its contents once you break its seal
Can we rebuild whats been broken down?
Those echoes of silence seem to be my new favorite sounds
You can never know...they will never understand
Trying to lead her in the right way..but the devil holds her hand

Slipping away...slipping away
I would usually do something,but I'm curious to see what you will do or say..
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