Monday, August 20, 2012


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So here we are...In a place we never thought we would be again
Were we best at simply being lovers?Or more spectacular as friends
Your face still haunts me every single day
Half way across the world...And I still cant get away
I always seem to lose in this game of love...why do I continue to play
Maybe I prefer to loser to be me...and not you
My little angel...look how fast your grew..

Still trying to find me...feeling like the best people
were left behind me
I'll always be living in the past..
because I'm not sure if a better future exists
Please excuse me if one day I just say goodbye to everyone
and leave for life's exits...
My head is hurting,my heart is pounding
The way you would sound when you just woke up..
nothing was as beautiful sounding
I'm doing all of this...but what does it really mean
Living a good life,trying to keep my conscience clean
but this false image of hope always seems to come in between
I'm pretty good at covering everything up..but when I start writing
it's so easily seen
I try...I try
To think positive...but with no one close..everything just feels like a lie
But I can remember it like it was yesterday
Your probably wondering why I'm such a mess today
This is just what happens when I give my heart a chance to say
whatever it pleases to say
These days go by.and the time does too only happy place..was with you
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