Friday, August 24, 2012

Stuck In My Head..

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Trying to do what's right,following the stars at night
Only you can create your dreams,so make sure there right
Right for you,I hope those people are being kind to you
The world isn't enough,I would risk it all and die twice for you
Hoping when the time is right,I can give you everything you need
We all have the little voice inside us,it just needs to be freed
Use what you were given,The greatest things in life are hidden
Now lets close our eyes and think back to the beginning
What was more important?Being happy...or being the person whose winning
We don't all get the same amount of time,or the same amount of choices
But whatever you get is yours,we just have to learn to listen to the right voices
If things ended today...would you be happy the way you lived your day
Are you all work and no play?Or all play and no work
As long as you found a happy medium,that's all you need for things to work
The chosen ones....You or I..The stars or The Sky
If you see something wrong,stop & ask why
Only we can fix what we see is wrong
You start the race...then pass the baton
Take a moment every day...and just realize whats going on
In the darkest moments..remember the light is always there..
So stay strong.

One human race,sometimes has the feeling that we're all out of place
Is this the case?Or have I just picked up a bad taste
It seems that no one cares anymore
We have way to much homeless people living on the floor
But we still find a way to waste all this money on war
or many useless materialistic things we adore
I saw this quote"People were created to be loved.Things were created to be used.
The reason why the world is in chaos is because things are being loved and
people are being used."
Are you starting to get it more?
I just don't want us to wait until its too late
We seem to show our love most,after someone dies...
That's when we start to cry & appreciate
Don't wait until that dreadful date...Start now..
Before its too late.

And then theres you.
Your the only person whose love every got me through
But it sometimes feels like we're through
And I not so sure what to do
Speaking out loud,so I hope you can hear me
Not much as need to fear me
Finding someone like you,only happens rarely
I guess you'll start looking for me again,whenever you start seeing clearly
I always loved you faith..but it seems you abandoned me dearly
A lovely memory,stuck in a beautiful place...
Even if I knew things would be a'll still the only dream I would
ever chase.
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