Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ever Seen..

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I just want to write you this letter..
To say your the best thing I ever had,ever seen..ever dreamed
But its seems now life has all of a sudden just got in between
And us fading apart is the saddest thing I've ever seen
You can find another king,but you'll still be my queen
Read between the see all words my heart is trying to sing
Who knows...maybe after a couple more months I would of got you that ring
Now its so crazy...that in the future,our happy past don't mean a thing..
But then again,your phone might ring
And then it will be me, saying I'm at the airport so come on and get me
You can try your best,but the worse thing is you can never forget me
Still gave you my all,even when I promised myself I wouldn't let me
Writing so many poems...when will letting it all out finally help me
The first star I've ever seen
And my last memory my heart will dream
Promise me when we finally get to Heaven..
Nothing will ever get in between.

A tattoo of you in my heart, a tattoo of you in my brain
Was following the road to happiness,now look how sad I became
Whats life without love?Whats life without pain?
Every setback,just increases the pleasure of every gain
Sometimes thinking so much,thinking I might go insane
Everyday fixing these broken planes...One day I want to see you
walk off these planes
Then I wouldn't know what to say,a feeling I couldn't name
Your the clouds to my rain
Your the wings to my plane
Your my Mary,so I don't need no Jane                                                                                                              
Your like a star,just minus the fame
Your my extra life,to this never ending video game
Your my happy pill,when all the others have fell down the drain
Your my everything..what else do I have to name

Just one more go,Shouldn't of let you go
But then again if I didn't,You wouldn't of made that mistake
So now you know..
I can picture you,but I cant capture your exact beauty in my mind
You always thought you were right,how I made you believed that so many times
Hearing all these stories,sounds like you been rehearsing these lines
Breaking one heart after another,but I guess we just blame Cupid for these crimes
Love must really blind us...never saw the signs
Your still the most beautiful thing I've ever seen...I wish I could underline
YOUa hundred times...
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